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Interactive Trail Map

Ride Kanuga has plenty of downhill-specific trails with a variety of skill levels. Knowing which trail you should ride next for your ability has now been made clear with the Interactive Trail Map. This handy tool separates technical and free-ride trails and list them from Beginner to Pro Line in the correct order of their difficulty. The mountain is a little over 500 feet in elevation. The High Rocks Climb is a mellow grade and takes you to the top where you choose your descent. While there are no shuttles, we encourage the use of e-bikes. 

High Rocks Climb

Level > Easy

  • Easiest way up
  • One road crossing
  • Mellow grade
  • Several rest stops

Level > Easy

  • Easiest way down
  • Progressive beginner trail
  • Mellow grade
  • Terrain is smooth & friendly
Connector Trail

Level > Easy

  • Starts from adventure center
  • Connects to climb trails
  • All trails lead into it
  • Two-way traffic
First In Flight

Easy / Freeride

  • Easy-going tabletop jumps
  • Jumps are rollable
  • No gaps
  • Designed for beginners
Rhodo Ruckus

Level > Intermediate

  • Flow trail
  • Tight, bermed corners
  • No features
  • Next step after Evergreen

Level > Intermediate

  • Natural, raw trail
  • Small, mandatory log drop
  • Optional features at bottom
  • Flat corners

Intermediate > Freeride

  • Mellow tabletop jumps
  • Jumps are rollable
  • Jump skills required
  • Next step after First in Flight
Paint in Black

Level > Advanced

  • High speed
  • Steep sections
  • Go-arounds for large features
  • Advanced riders only
Hemlock Epoch

Level > Advanced

  • Lots of drops, jumps, gaps
  • Mandatory features
  • Go-arounds for large features
  • Advanced riders only
Southeast Style

Advanced > Freeride

  • Very large jumps
  • Advanced riders only
  • Expert jumping skills required
  • Pre-ride, re-ride, free-ride
Natural Selection

Level > Advanced

  • Very technical
  • Large features
  • Some go-arounds for large features
  • Advanced riders only

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