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Coaching and Guiding

Standards and requirements

Minimum Standards to Teach Lessons, Clinics, or Commercial Guided Rides: 

  1. The instructor must have Commercial Liability Insurance for themselves or their company and list Ride Kanuga as additional insured. 
  2. Instructors must be certified by the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association (PMBIA) or the Bicycle Instructor Certification Program (BICP), AND operate under the scope of practice for their level of certification. Instructors must provide a copy of their certification to Ride Kanuga and keep that current. 
  3. Instructors must have a minimum of Basic First Aid and Adult CPR and provide that documentation to Ride Kanuga. 
  4. Instructors must provide Ride Kanuga a copy of their client waiver.
  5. All clients AND instructors must purchase a day pass or membership from the Kanuga Website. (Instructors are eligible for the industry annual pass). All riders must sign the Ride Kanuga waiver. 
  6. Instructors must pay an additional permit fee per person per day.
  7. For group clinics, instructors and companies must agree to a Minimum Advertised Price for groups over 4 people. 
  8. For clinics with more than 4 people or if setting up ramps, platforms, stunts or other obstacles, instructor or company must submit proposed dates and general plan 90 days in advance and obtain approval from Ride Kanuga.
  9. Each instructor or company will sign an agreement to adhere to these policies. 
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