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Private Lessons at Kanuga

Join one of our certified coaches from our skills school – MTB Skills Factory – for a custom one-on-one lesson personalized to your experience and goals. Get individual attention through a detailed skills assessment and improvement based feedback.

Private lessons are the best way to get individual attention that matches your exact goals and ability level. You’ll have 100% focus from your coach on your development, making private lessons the most efficient way to improve.

The short answer is EVERYONE. Our professional coaches can accommodate rider levels from first-timer to advanced racers. Want to start at the very beginning and work on fundamentals? Let’s do it! Want to work on your form for jumps and drops? We love helping you work on that! Are you an advanced-level rider looking to maximize speed? We can help!

  • Goal setting exercise
  • Bike evaluation and setup
  • Core skills assessment
  • Introduction or touch-up of your fundamental skills
  • Step-wise instruction to meet your goals
  • Detailed feedback including video analysis
  • Homework! Recommended drills you can do on your own
  • Add friends or family at a reduced cost to learn in a semi-private session
  • All of our coaches are required to be certified through the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association
  • This ensures they follow proven teaching techniques, excellent risk management, and ability to offer accurate feedback to help you progress in a safe, intentional, and controlled way.

Private Lesson Options:

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Certified Instructors

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